About Us

The Meaning of Our Name & Logo
The translation of the Sanskrit word “Shama” is “peace and tranquility”. A well-balanced and holistic way of life will lead to inner healing by instilling harmony among mind, body and spirit. Our name reflects the growing desire of people to incorporate spirituality and peace in their lives in order to deal with the harsh realities of our everyday world. The 3 lines in our logo represent mind, body and spirit. The fluidity and the intersection of the lines represent uniting mind, body and spirit as one. Experiencing the joy life offers starts within…once you tap into the deep inner bliss that resides in each one of us, every aspect of your life will be filled with peace, happiness and an innate understanding of your place in life.

Our Mission
Shama Living promotes a lifestyle which embraces health and wellness. We strive to enhance people’s lives by bringing innovative, natural, earth-friendly products to the marketplace to nurture and feed people’s minds, bodies and souls. The Shama Community is filled with diverse and unique people from all walks of life whose common meeting ground is the desire to infuse one’s life with nature and holistic living. Shama Living exists to assist people everywhere to heal themselves by offering products, information and services that will help the members of our community lead happier, healthier and more balanced lives. We are a company for the community by the community, and we are committed to giving a portion of our proceeds to charity. We depend on you, the consumer, to tell us what you need to live a more natural, organic, healthy, spiritual and balanced life. We look at you, the consumer, more as a partner than a customer because it is ultimately you who define the success and the reach of Shama Living.