Idea Submission

Be a Member of the Shama Family of Inventors

It is really a beautiful marriage of sorts….you have the ideas and we have the resources to make your ideas a reality. We invite you to send us your ideas for new, unique and innovative products to enhance your lifestyle. Our research and development team will evaluate the submissions and, if selected, your idea may become a reality! We listen to needs of the community and evaluate idea submissions from members of the community in order to determine (1) if a need exists for the idea submitted; and (2) the feasibility of development and production. If your idea submission is accepted we will strive to develop, test, fine tune and distribute the resulting product, and in turn you will share in the proceeds generated from sales of the product!

We are looking for ideas in the areas of yoga, meditation, spirituality, personal care, cleaning supplies, furnishings, clothing….you name it and we are probably interested. We only ask that your submissions be unique and contribute to a holistic, healthy, balanced lifestyle. Other than that, let your creativity soar!

To submit your ideas, please review our Submission Agreement.